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 Guideline for Conference Papers

1. Before submitting your paper please ensure that it has been carefully read for grammatical errors. If English is not your first language, please have your paper proof-read by an English speaking person. Papers will be returned if the standard of English is not considered to be good enough for publication.

2. Authors are welcome to submit their abstracts in English.

3. Abstract must not exceed 300 words in length.

4. Abstract can be produced in any PC or MAC version of Microsoft Word using Times New Roman font 11 font size. It should be written in a single column with margins of 3 cm on top, bottom and left edges and 2 cm on the right edge. 

5. The text is 1.5 lines spaced on A4 (210 x 297 mm) white paper with Microsoft Word.                  

6. Poster will be in 70 x 90cm.

7. All powerpoint presentations should be written in English.


 Değerli sektör paydaşları, kongremize bildiri gönderme tarihi 20.07.2021 tarihine kadar uzatılmıştır.

Name of the Study Decision
A Comparison of some Fertility Traits of Turkish Hair Goats and Growth Characteristics of Kids Raised under Breeder Conditionsbetween Burdur and Muğla Provinces Oral Presentation
Contribution of Crossbreeding Studies in Sheep and Goat Breeding to this Sector in Turkey: Current Status and Future Analysis Oral Presentation
Lactation Characteristics of Awassi Sheep Raised in Farmer Conditions Oral Presentation
Analysis of Environmental Factors Affecting on Growth, Reproduction and Production Performance Traits of Anatolian Buffaloes in Yozgat Province Oral Presentation
Effects of Some Environmental Factors on the Early Growth Characteristics ( Birth and Weaning of Kıvırcık) of Kıvırcık Sheep in Conservation Flock Oral Presentation
Growth Characteristics of Karacabey Merino Sheep  in Sheep Breeding Research Institute Oral Presentation
The Effect of Gender, Birth Type and Age of Dam on Growth Curve Parameters in Hair Goats Oral Presentation
Five-year Term Evaluation of the Project Named "Kilis Goat National Breeding Project in Kilis Province Oral Presentation
Importance of Morkaraman Breed at the Highland Activities of Small Ruminant Husbandry in Muş Province of Eastern Anatolia in Turkey Oral Presentation
Superovulation Performance and Embryo Recovery in South Anatolian Red Cows Oral Presentation
Effects of Different Extenders on Post-thaw Sperm Quality of Locally Adapted Anatolian Black Bulls: The Preliminary Results Oral Presentation
the Effect of Use of Follicle Stimulating Hormone with a Special Adjuvant during Superovulation in Cattle on Corpus Luteum Number and Embryo Production Oral Presentation
the Effect of Different Synchronization Methods on Fertility in Female Buffaloes Oral Presentation
Comparison of the Effects of 3 Different FSH Protocols on Superovulatory Response and Embryo Quality in Anatolian Black Heifers Oral Presentation
The Effect of Non-aureus Staphylococci on Somatic Cell Count and Milk Yield in Primiparous Holstein Dairy Cows during the First 120 Days of Lactation Oral Presentation
Relation between Non-infectious Factors and Neonatal Calf Health Status in Dairy Herd  Oral Presentation
Associations with Microsatellites and Milk Yield in Awassi Sheep Breed Oral Presentation
Investigation of SNPs related to Growth and Development in Angora Goat Breed Oral Presentation
Genomic Prediction of Body Weight in Hereford Cattle Oral Presentation
Genetic Bottleneck Analysis of Native Hair Goats in Turkey Oral Presentation
Microsatellite Based Bottleneck Analysis of Turkish and Algerian Cattle Breeds Oral Presentation
Association of TLR2 Haplotypes Encoding Q650 with Reduced Susceptibility to Ovine Johne’s Disease in Turkish Sheep Oral Presentation
Gene expression of Adiponectin Receptor 1 (AdipoR1) in Reproductive Tract of Adult Rams and Growing Male Lambs Oral Presentation
Dietary Encapsulated Essential Oil Mixture Influence on Apparent Nutrient Digestibility, Serum Metabolic Profile, Lymphocyte Histochemistry and Intestinal Morphology of Laying Hens Oral Presentation
Determination of the Effect of Inoculant and Molasses on Silage Quality and In-vitro Digestibility in Silages Prepared with Different Proportions of Ryegrass Grass and Hungary Vetch Mixture Oral Presentation
Effects of Yeast Cell Wall on Gut Integritiy in Broilers Challenged Salmonella Oral Presentation
Effects of In Ovo Glucose and Glutamine Treatment on Intestinal Histomorphology in Broiler Chicks at 4, 24 and 48 Hour State of Hunger Oral Presentation
TMR Pilot Study in Dairy Farms in Amasya Region: I - Determination of Packaged TMR Durability Oral Presentation
Some Growth and Survival Characteristics of Koçeri Lambs under Breeder Conditions Oral Presentation
Effect of Environmental Factors on Lactation Milk Yield and Lactation Period for Anatolian Water Buffaloes of Muş Province Oral Presentation
Effects of Developmental Exposure to Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals Methoxychlor and  Bisphenol A on Ovarian Follicular Dynamics and Reproductive Parameters in Rats Oral Presentation
Some Production and Growth Traits of Anatolian Water Buffaloes Raised in Istanbul under the Community Based Water Buffalo Improvement Project Oral Presentation
Effect of Ozone Gas Application on Growth, Immune System and Intutive Flora of Holstein Calves Oral Presentation
Litter Size in Karya Sheep Oral Presentation
Sustainable Meat Production in a Changing Mediterranean Environmental Area in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era Oral Presentation
Effects of Olive Leaf Extracts on In- Vitro and In-vivo Nutrient Digestiblity in Sheep Oral Presentation
Effects of Environmental Factors on Growth Performance of Kilis Goat in Gaziantep Province Oral Presentation
Effect of Ration Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium Contents on Serum Levels in Fatty-Tailed Sheep Oral Presentation
 Effect of Different Diets on Performance and Egg Quality Parameters in Two Laying Hen Genotypes Oral Presentation
Production of Lambs by Laparoscopic Insemination of Ewes in Natural Heat with Mini Doses of Frozen Semen Oral Presentation
Effect of Different Doses of Some Essential Oils on The Growth Rate of Ruminobacter Amylophilus Isolated from Rumen Fluid Oral Presentation
Fermantation Characteristics of Pomegranate Pomace Silage and Effect on Performance in Lamb Oral Presentation
Cervico-Vaginal Mucus (CVM) Sampling from Cattle and Nucleic Acid Isolation Optimization and Standardization from CVM Oral Presentation
The Influence of Hectoliter Weight on Chemical Composition of Barley  Oral Presentation
 Sheep and Goat Breeding in Cyprus (North(TRNC) and South) and the effects and Importance of Geograpical Indication of Halloumi/ Hellim on this Breeding  Oral Presentation
Determination of Lactation Curve Parameters Utilizing Prasad Model in Anatolian Buffaloes of Different Ages Poster Presentation
Some Non-genetic Factors Affecting Colostrum Quality in Anatolian Buffaloes Poster Presentation
the Effect of Different Dilutions of Follicule Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone on Development Oocyte Maturation in Cattle Poster Presentation
Morphological Characteristics of Coloured Angora Goat Poster Presentation
Effect of Progesterone Added to Ovsynch Protocol at the time of or 2 days after GnRH Injection on Conception Poster Presentation
Growth performance of Karacabey Merino and Tahirova x Doğu Frisian Crossbred Lambs under Intensive Management in Turkey Poster Presentation
Some Yıeld and Structural Characteristics of the Sheep Enterprises Included in  Akkaraman Breedıng Subprojects in Çankırı Poster Presentation
Investigation of Growing Performances in  Şavak Akkaraman Lambs under Breeder Conditions Poster Presentation
The Fleece Yield and Live Weight of Kids in Angora Goats with Controlled Mating Program Poster Presentation
Exploiting of  Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Platforms in Livestock Genomes Poster Presentation
Growth Rates of Hair Goat Kids Poster Presentation
Scandinavian Red Cattle Breeds and Their Importance in the Cattle Industry Poster Presentation
Live Weight and Morphological Characteristics of Koçeri Sheep Raised in the Breeders Conditions Poster Presentation
Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on Ruminant Animals Poster Presentation
Growth Characteristics of Zom Sheep from Project02  in Farmer Conditions Poster Presentation
Increasing the Fertile Yield of Central Anatolian Merino Lamb by Using in Breeding at Early Ages Poster Presentation
The Importance of Care and Nutrition in Prevention of Losses  young in Small Ruminants Breeding Poster Presentation
The Current Statues, Some Yield and Structural Properties of Ankara Goat Farms: Case of Ankara  Province Poster Presentation
Polymorphism of the CAST and GDF9 Genes in Akkaraman Sheep Breed Poster Presentation
Current Situation of Dairy Goat Production in Turkey and some Suggestions for the Future: The French Model Poster Presentation
Sheep Breeding for Economic Sustainability of Agricultural Enterprises Poster Presentation
The Effect of Village and Parity as Environmental Factors on Some Growth Characteristics in Anatolian Buffaloes Poster Presentation
The Effect ff Some Seasons on Milk Components and Quality of Anatolian Water Buffaloes in Çorum Province Poster Presentation
Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Suruç Sheep in Şanlıurfa Poster Presentation
Adding Economical Value to Sheep Production: Processing Sheep Fleece for Producing Fertilizer, Lanolin, Keratin, Textile and Insulation Material Poster Presentation
Some Yield Characteristics of the Central Anatolian Merino Breed Poster Presentation
Cervico-Vaginal Mucus as a Biomarker Poster Presentation
The Effects Of Some Environmental Factors Affectıng On The Growth Traits in Central Anatolian Merino Lambs Raised at Breeders Conditions Poster Presentation
Animal Welfare Practices in Dairy Cattle Poster Presentation
Lamb Fattening and Live Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Use Poster Presentation
The Breeding of Karacabey Merinoin Farm Conditions of Balıkesir Province Poster Presentation
Determination of the Effect of Some Environmental Factors on Survival Until Breeding Age of Akkaraman Lambs : The Case of Karaman Province Poster Presentation
Methods Used to Protect Proteins from Rumen Digestion Poster Presentation
Investigations on the Light and Scanning Electron Microscopic Structure of the Lingual Papillae in the Angora Goat (Capra hircus): II. Mechanical Papillae. Poster Presentation
National Project of Anatolian Buffalo Breeding in Farm Conditions Poster Presentation
Live Weights of the First Breeding Period of Akkaraman Sheep Breed in Cankiri Province Poster Presentation
Maternal Behavior and Its Genetic Basis in Sheep Poster Presentation
Sheep Breeding for Economic Sustainability of Agricultural Enterprises Poster Presentation
the Effects of Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination Protocols on Pregnancy Rates in Sheep Poster Presentation
The use of feed additivies to mitigate heat stress in poultry Poster Presentation
The Occurance of Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium Residues in Cattle Feed Collected In Kirikkale, Turkey Poster Presentation
Effects of L-Thyroxıne And Trııodothyronine Injection in Broıth Breed Eggs – Ovo Injection on Broıver Performance Poster Presentation
Use of Rosemary Essential Oil in Feeding of Broilers Poster Presentation
Determination of the Effect of some Environmental Factors on Daily Live Weight Gain of Central Anatolian Merino Lambs-The Case of Karaman Province Poster Presentation
Birth Season Effects on Growth and Development Characteristics in Angora Goats Poster Presentation
In Ovo Feeding Treatments Poster Presentation
Water and Water Quality in Veterinary Medicine Poster Presentation
The Effects of Gender, Birth Type and Maternal Age on Birth Weight, Weaning Weight and Live Weight Increase in Southern Karaman Sheep Poster Presentation
Effects Of Mannan Olıgosaccharıdes And Β-Glucans Wıth Vıtamın C Supplementatıon In Breeding Japon Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) Ration On Performance And Immunity   Poster Presentation
Determination of some morphological features of Karakoyun (South Karaman) Poster Presentation
Effect of Year and Maternal Age on Birth Weight, Weaning Weight and Daily Body Weight Gains on Akkaraman Breed Poster Presentation
Characteristics of Blackbirds and its importance in Biodiversity Poster Presentation
 Effect of Hempseed Oil (cannabis satilave) on Performance Parameters of Broiler Chickens  Poster Presentation
Determination of Biofilm Formation and Antibiotic Resistance in Klebsiella Strains Isolated from Bovine Mastitis Cases Poster Presentation
 Determination of TLR2 Gene EcoRV-RFLP Frequency Distribution among Turkish Native Cattle Breeds  Poster Presentation
Lactation Characteristics of Suruç Sheep Poster Presentation
Women Grooms at the Hippodrome Poster Presentation
the potential Use of Spray Dried Plasma in Broilers Poster Presentation
the Relationship between the Number of Bovine and Ovine Animals Milked and the Amount of Milk Produced in TURKEY Poster Presentation
Freezing of Ankara Goat Sperma Wıth Dıluter Groups Containing Trehalose and Carnosic Acid Poster Presentation
Determination of Non Spining Syndrome in Silkworms in Kulp District Poster Presentation
Growth and Development Characteristics of Hair Goats Breed in Diyarbakır Province Poster Presentation
Effects of Different Diets on Performance and Egg Quality Parameters in Two Laying Hens Genotypes  Poster Presentatiton
Omics Technologies and Some Omics Approaches in Livestock Poster Presentation
Some Growth Yield Traits in Kıvırcık Sheep Breeding and Genetic Resource Conservation Herds in Public Hands  Poster Presentation
Ankara Goat from Past to Present Poster Presentation
Silkworm Protein Fibroin  Poster Presentation
Roughages and Their Importance in Animal Nutrition  Poster Presentation
The Effect of Birth Type, Maternal Age and Gender on Birth Weight, 120th Day Weaning Weight and Daily Live Weight Increase in Akkaraman Sheep Poster Presentation
Daily Distribution of Birth in Hasmer and Hasak Sheep Poster Presentation
Evaluation of Blood Parameters in Sheep and Goat with Pseudotuberculosis Poster Presentation
the Miracle of a Silkworm "Sericin"  Poster Presentation
Some Reproductive Characteristics of Hair Goats and Survival Ability Rate of Their Kids at Breeders Conditions Poster Presentation
 Effect of Dietary Glutamine and Quercetin on Growth Performance of Broiler Challenged with Lipopolysaccharide  Poster Presentation

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